Columns and Stacks

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Absorption Column with 12-stages, DN 700, length 19.540 mm
Column with Support Skirt and 12-stages, Ø 1.500 mm, length 23.850 mm
PTFE coated Column, carbon steel, DN 1.700, length 8.300 mm, 16.000 kg
Column, Ø 1.500 mm, length 28.000 mm
Absorption Column, DN 1.300, length 23.000 mm
Column with WTP-Head Condenser, Ø 2.700 mm, length 19.370 mm
Column with Head Condenser, Ø 3.100 mm, length 16.500 mm, 28.000 kg
Column, Ø 1.600/2.500 mm, length 19.650 mm, 17.000 kg, material 1.4571
Column with WTP-system, Ø 900 mm, length 10.000 mm, material 1.4571
Column, material 1.3539, Ø 1.600 mm, total length 32.000 mm, 17.000 kg

Columns and Stacks

LOB fabricates stacks for you in every conceivable design: single-wall, double-wall, heated with WTP-system, multiple pass or insulated, from stainless or carbon steel. They are assembled from elements pre-fabricated in the factory.

Upon request, we can deliver the column, including the packing or carrier material, ready for assembly to the construction site. Alternatively, support rings can be installed in the column for your liquid distributor, packing and support grid. The trial assembly and adaptation of intermediate platforms, ladders and round platforms are no problems for our production and spare our customers difficulties on site.

The proof of stability required for the installation under consideration of all loads, e.g. wind, earthquakes and platform loads, is carried out by our engineering department for each specific column location. The additional nozzle loads are also considered.

Metal piping can also be supplied for a wide variety of applications.

  • Flares and industrial stacks
  • Sheet-metal pipes (bends, pipe sections and channels)
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