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Reactor with WTP-System, heating jacket, excess operating pressure of 32 bar
WTP-Gas-Gas cross counterflow 3D design
WTP-gas cooler with head condenser
WTP-Inside & WTP-Outside comparison
Now also available in carbon steel and titanium! WTP-reactor, Ø 2.800 x 4.000 mm
WTP-Clamping plates for T-section, ø 300 mm, for cooling gases from 1,500 °C
Agitator vessel with WTP-System on the inside area. Up to 100% increase in productivity of reactors
WTP-cone with support ring. Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) not required. Ø 3.300 to Ø 406 mm


LOB’s WTP-heating system serves as an alternative to the half-tube coil and double-walled jacket. It can be used at excess operating pressures of up to 50 bar and temperatures of 300° Celsius or more. An ideal design in terms of heat engineering is capable of achieving values > 2,400 W/(m2 K) (half-tube coil: 1,600W/(m K).

The WTP (heat exchanging plates) system is a tempering concept which serves as an economical alternative to conventional chemical devices such as the half-tube coil and double-jacket. Compared with these two designs, the WTP- system® offers a large number of advantages:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Lower operational costs
  • Better heat transfer
  • Faster heating
  • Better control characteristics
  • More efficient utilization of the heat transfer medium
  • The performance of existing installations can be raised without the need for additional space
  • Supply lines and pumps can have smaller dimensions
  • Complex geometries are possible
  • All installation positions are possible
  • Lower weight
  • Connectors can be retrofitted easily
  • Clamping plates can be retrofitted
  • Ideal for flat surfaces

WTP-System® on the inside
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