Equipment and Plants

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Vacuumvessel with 146 nozzles and swinging torispherical heads, Ø 2.730 mm
Mixing vessel, material 1.4571, Ø 900 mm
Granulate Cooler with expansion joint, Ø 1.400 mm, length 3.500 mm
Reactor with full-tube coil DN 15, Ø 1.600 mm
Axhaust air cover
Scrap metal basket, material Titanium
Chimney with Scruton spiral, Ø 1.000 mm, length 24.000 mm
Cooler with outer half-tube coil, and inner finned tube, materials 2.4605/1.4571
Inlet funnel
Anchor basket

Equipment and Plants

LOB manufactures equipment and complete plants to your drawings, including assembly. Because of our long tradition and experience in this field we are capable to produce even very complicated equipment geometries and -dimensions. We always find an innovative solution.

We supply all types of pressure and storage vessels, heat exchangers and columns.

Tel.: 0221 / 82953- 0 | E-Mail:

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