Tanks and Vessels

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3-chamber storage tank, 110 m³ per chamber, Ø 7.600 mm, hight 7.900 mm
Storage tank with Support Skirt, stairs and top platform, Ø 8000 mm, hight 19.000 mm
Flat-bottom tank with full tube-coil heating
Flat-bottom tank, 1.000 m³, Ø 12.000 mm, hight 14.000 mm
Flat-bottom tank with tube-coil heating, 160 m³
Flat-bottom tank, 80 m³, Ø 3.200 mm, hight 10.000 mm
Flat-bottom tank, 1.000 m³, Ø 12.000 mm, hight 14.000 mm
Flat-bottom tank, 1.000 m³, Ø 12.000 mm, hight 14.000 mm
Vessel with WTP-heating, Ø 1.600 mm, length 6.000 mm
Storage container DIN 4119, material 1.4571, Ø 2.500 mm, length 11.000 mm

Tanks and Vessels

LOB engineers, manufactures and installs the right vessel to suit the needs of every customer. All vessels are manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or special materials, and comply with the official regulations and standards. For large vessels and silos the required supporting constructions will be supplied as well. Engineering, stress calculation, manufacture and assembly is also provided – so everything comes from one source.

All vessels can be designed and manufactured according to AD-2000, EN 13445 and ASME-Code.

  • Storage tanks
  • Agitator vessels
  • Silos
  • Flat-bottom tanks – DIN 4119
  • Rectangular tanks
  • Columns
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