WTP-Head Condensers

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Reflux Condenser WTP-Plate package with electropolishing
WTP-Head Condenser
Dephlegmator Reflux WTP-Plate package
WTP-Head Condenser, material 1.4539, length 2000 mm, hight 1500 mm
WTP-Head Condenser with Post Condenser
WTP-Head Condenser inlet
WTP-Hybrid Condenser as product preheater, with utility model protection
Reflux Condenser, Ø 700 mm, material 1.4539
Removable plate package

WTP-Head Condenser

The constructive design of condenser must be adapted to the various process engineering specifications during the design process. The flow and thermal properties of the materials to be condensed must be taken into account, as well as the volume and heat flows, flow routing, for example, the direct or counterflow of the product or the feed and routing of the cooling medium. Permissible pressure losses of the overall process determine the design as well as the range of temperatures for coolant and condensate.

The two examples (head condenser design drawing / fin condenser design drawing) show two fundamentally different design features. In the head condenser, which forms the end of a column with an apparatus flange, the product to be condensed flows upwards and passes the plate pack, from above between the condenser plates. The condensate produced on the plates is discharged from the housing in liquid form, while the non-condensed residual gas leaves the process via a gas nozzle. A wide range of variations of this design are of course possible. With the plate fin condenser, the product gas flow is introduced directly into the plate pack via a large dimensioned inlet flange with fewer deflections than with a head condenser. The advantage of this flow guidance is the low pressure loss.

WTP-System for head condensers

WTP head condensers recently developed by LOB are an advanced version of heat exchanging plates.

The special design of WTP head condensers minimizes their heat exchanging area by maximizing the heat transfer coefficient at the coolant end. No seals are necessary for preventing leakages, while the high turbulences in the WTP head condensers result in an auto- cleaning effect. The heat exchanging surface can be reduced down to 2/3 that of a conventional tube-cluster heat exchanger, thus permitting easy and economical use at the head of a column.


WTP-Head Condenser design drawing / Fin Vondenser design drawing

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