WTP-Clamping plates

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WTP-Clamping plates for T-section, Ø 300 mm, for cooling gases from 1,500 °C
WTP-Clamping plates
WTP-Clamping plate for vessel
WTP-Clamping plates, half shells for vessel
WTP-Mounting part heating DN 80
WTP-Cone heating
WTP-Heating for torispherical head
WTP-heating unit for fittings
WTP-Clamping plates
WTP-heating unit for fittings

WTP-Clamping plates

The solution to increase the performance of existing systems WTP clamping plates are used for mounting on existing vessels and storage tanks as well as additional heating for fittings and pipes. In special cases where container and heating system must be separable, clamping plates can be constructed for newly manufactured containers or systems. Clamping plates consist of a 3 to 5 mm inner plate and a 1,5 mm outer plate.

Depending on the outer contour of the existing container or system, the WTP-clamping plates are designed with gaps and cutouts to provide space for Nozzles or brackets. The half pipes are then mounted on the container using clips.

Clamping plates are particularly suitable for the outside of storage tanks where heat is removed by convection. This convection depends on the velocity of the air and the temperature difference between tank content and air temperature.


On average heat transfer values between 80 and 180 (W/m²K) can be achieved between WTP-clamping plates and Containers. These values are sufficient for maintaining temperatures or for slowly heating up vessels. In order to displace the poorly heat-conducting air between the containers and the clamping plates and to ensure good heat transfer, thermal conduction cement must be applied in the gap. This thermal conductive cement has a thermal conductivity of approximately 100 W / (m²K).

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